Your stems can be sent to us via Wetransfer, Drop Box, Google Drive etc.


Please provide a 24 bit 44.1khz mix with any EQ and Compression/Limiting on master bus disabled.


If you have a rough mix that you want me to improve on then I’d like to start mixing from that point.

In this case you should provide two sets of stems in separate folders.

1. WET – these are stems with your effects (insert and send/return), EQs, compression left on (please disable all master bus processing).

2. DRY – These are raw files with your processing turned off. If there is an effect or process that is integral to the sound or arrangement (like automated effects and sweeping filters, autotuning, distortion etc.) then leave this active but disable your EQ and compression. I’ll leave it to you to decide on what is important in this case.

If you have no rough mix and you’d like me to start completely from scratch then only provide the DRY stems.

In both cases the following steps should apply in creating your stems. Please:

– provide consolidated AIFF/WAV files that all start from the same position.

– make sure all files have appropriate names (“Sub Bass” is better than “Audio-17″…)

– export 24 Bit or 32 Bit audio files.

– export at 44.1kHz sample rate (or the native sample rate of your project).

– load your stems into an empty project and check them through to make sure you’re happy with them before sending.

– provide song tempo.

– do not normalise the audio files.

– provide a linear PCM rough mix without mix bus processing for reference

– no mix bus limiting/compression/MP3s

Please provide as many mix notes / reference tracks as you like.