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  • #17 Xmas Special 2019

  • #16 Harrison Ford Did Not Stroke My Hand

  • #15 Gluteus Minimus

  • #14 Scrotox

    This month the lads learn about ‘ball ironing’, Mark gets horribly embarrassed and Matt learns to speak cockney. In Bits is produced by www.idealnoise.comAllaby & Bedders – – trancepsytechnoflip-flopjohn monkman

  • #13 Alsation Viagra (with Flip-Flop and Hamish)

    In this episode, the boys pay respect to Keith Flint, talk to Hamish and Flip-Flop and Matt takes dog Viagra… In Bits is produced by www.idealnoise.comAllaby – & Bedders –

  • #12 Best Of 2018

    The best of the ‘In Bits’ Podcast for 2018. In this this special edition we look back at some of the highlights of 2018. Happy New Year! In Bits is produced by Allaby – Allaby & Bedders –

  • #11 In Bits Xmas Special

    In this bumper Christmas edition of the podcast, the boys open presents, discuss Xmas family traditions and stuff their fat faces with twiglets. Happy Psymas everyone! Music: 1. Peace in our time – Bumbling Loons 2. Different – ETN 3. Fast Forward (Tripswitch Remix) – Andre Sobota 4. Enhancer – John Monkman 5. The Ever

  • #10 Shirts Off (with Tristan)

    In this episode, the guys talk psytrance and cereal with legendary DJ/producer Tristan. We hear a world exclusive from Captain Hook’s upcoming album. Plus Bedders discovers tiny DJ’s…. Music: 1. ETN –  ‘All Over’ 2. Allaby & Paul Unkel –  ‘I Remember’ 3. Captain Hook & LISH –  ‘Frankie’s Wish’ 4. DJ Tristan –  ‘Psytrance

  • #9 Perfect Glide

    This month the world premier of Allaby’s S.W.I.M Part 3 EP(out 29th October). Burning man stinks, and Mark orders embarrassing sex products. Pre order S.W.I.M Part 3 now: Music: 1. Allaby ‘Rascal’ Ben Coda Remix) 2. Bumbling Loons ‘Quark’ 3. John Monkman & Pete Tong ‘Placebo’ 4. Allaby ‘Black Sands’ 5. Mathame ‘Fade In To

  • #8 Edgy Effin’ Bedders (with Tongue & Groove)

    The boys drink Robin Hood juice and talk to Tongue & Groove about their new album. Matt talks Ozora plus Mark has a filthy mouth! Music: 1). Loud & Shulman ‘If’ (Allaby Remix) 2). Township Rebellion ‘Ramses’ 3). SAMA ‘Curiosity’ 4). Tongue & Groove ‘Sling Shot’ 5). Architechtural ‘A Girl With No Friends’ 6). MVMB

  • #7 Intergalactic Vibrating Mushroom Star

    Mark and Matt have a BBQ, discuss the summer gigs, play the psychedelic pulse game and decide that the earth is definitely round. Music 1. Grouch & Headflux ‘Lumination’ 2. Audio Anonymous ‘Touch’ 3. Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin ‘The Alchemist’ 4. Raja Ram, Burn in Noise Avalon ‘The Dance Temple’ Sensient Remix 5. ANTIX

  • #6 Flip Flop Swap Shop

    This month A&B talk their debut live performance, find some flip flops and ask why your mum is loading her cheese with happy drugs. Music: Julian Jeweil – South Umek – 2nd to None Dickster & Hypnocoustics – Chance 2 B Allaby – Hardfire The Delta – Delta Skelta James Monro & Liftshift – Evolve

  • #5 Warm That Up!

    In this months podcast the chaps get spiritual……….kind of. Also, Bedders reads the news and asks: Female DJ’s, Dj’s or Djane’s? Music: Ben Coda – Silk Road Riktam and Bansi – That’s a Good One Aardvark – Peyote Darshan – ION John Monkman – Mad Hatter Ilario Alicante – Awakened Time Warp – Perfect Stranger

  • #4 Noisily Special (with James Monro & Liquid James)

    In this special edition of the podcast, the boys talk to Noisily Festival organiser Liquid James and DJ/Producer James Monro in what some are calling ‘the greatest interviews ever recorded’. You might think these two have some incredible stories to tell and you’d be very right. Music: Roni Size, Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag Quivver

  • #3 Sex Mouse & Candy Boy

    In this podcast the chaps talk Noisily Festival, Valentines day and Mark’s questionable past employment. Music: ANNA – Hidden Beauties MVMB – Existence Allaby & Bedders – Meansun Nick Muir – Airtight (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) Stephan Bodzin – Strand Perfect Stranger – Easy (Sphera Remix) RULS, Caballero – Of the Year In Bits is

  • #2 Syndrome De Paris

    In the new podcast the boys discuss the new year, ponder robot DJ’s and Bedders gives his alternative guide to Paris….. Music: Nanoplex & Audio Anonymous – 2023 Human Elelment – Memories Allaby & Hopi – Slippery Slope Klopfgeister – Du hast vergessen wie man lebt DJ Glen, Vitor Munhoz, Nana Torres – Han Zah

  • #1 HanderPants

    In the first podcast…. Allaby & Bedders introduce themselves and ponder whether the intro theme song is too much. The boys talk about Christmas and look at some useless Christmas presents. They also reveal previous terrible DJ names they have used and Bedders reads the news. Music – Ticon & Gaudium – Tribal Survival MVMB