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Custom built PC’s with RME and Audient interfaces.
Monitoring - HEDD Type 30 MK2, HEDD Bass 12 Subwoofer, Yamaha HS5, Sennheiser HD650, AKG DT770 Pro
Processing - Neve 1073 EQ, SSL Fusion, Elektron Analog Heat, GA Comp 3A, TC Electronic Nova Drive, Maxon OD808
Converters - RME ADI-2 FS, Soncoz SGD1
Pre-amps - Neve 1073 SPX, Audient iD44, 2 x Cloudlifter CL1
Microphones - Neumann U87, Sure SM7B, sE4400a
Vintage and modern instruments and processing from Roland, Arturia, TC Electronic, Korg, ARP.

DAW and Editing - Ableton, Studio One, Pro Tools 12, Wavelab.
Fabfilter - Q3, Pro-MB, Pro-L3
Softube - Wiess Mastering Suite, Tubetech Complete MKII, Chandler Germanium and Zener, Drawmer S73.
Soundtoys 5
Plugin Alliance - HG2 Black Box, BX Digital V3, BAX EQ, Maag EQ4, SPL Iron, Unfiltered Audio, SSL/Neve emulations.
Waves - Too many to list
Slate - Everything Bundle


Allaby | Anaphase | Aron Abikzer | Booka Shade | Chagall | Erol Alkan | Girls Aloud | Henri Bergmann | James Arthur | John Monkman | Jessey Jay | Johnny Marr | Loud | Meli | MKII | Paul Unkel | Tristan | The Egg | Pussycat Dolls | Roger Daltry | Shane Ward | Vibrasphere | Wennink | Zen Mechanics


Ministry of Sound | InFiné | Blaufield Music | J00F | Beesemyer Music | Black Hole Recordings | Sapiens | Stil Vor Talent | Automatik | Iboga Records | Iboga Tech | Nano Records | Four40 Records | Digital Structures | Vishn