Mixing services

We specialise in mixing and mastering your tracks to perfection, ready for high quality release.

Final stems for remixing or use in your live set can be provided for an additional £25.

Extra production/composition can be provided for your track.

• Please provide consolidated AIFF/WAV files starting at the same position.
• Please make sure all files have appropriate names (“Sub Bass” is better than “Audio-17″…)
• 44.1 kHz sample rate
• Please export 24 Bit audio files.
• Please provide song tempo information.
• Please provide two sets of stems: One including your FX, and another set with the raw,
unprocessed material
• Please do not normalise the audio files.
• Please provide a linear PCM roughmix without mix bus processing for reference
(No mix bus limiting/compression, no MP3!)
• Please provide as many notes / reference tracks as you like!
• File transfer via FTP, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.

If you need help with any of the above, please see our masterclass packages.